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Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) reported from southern Dobrudzja – April 9th 2012

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1:10 pm Testimonials

During my stay at the Branta Birding Lodge at Durankulak, on April 9th 2012 I made an excursion under the skillful guidance of Pavel Simeonov to a few places into Romania; on returning to the lodge near the Bulgarian border (only a few kilometers away from the lodge as the crow flies) while looking for stone curlews, we noticed a male Lesser Kestrel, had close looks of it and were able to take pictures. Just a few minutes later only a number of meters from the first one a second bird of this species was observed.

An important observation so close to Bulgaria; and when considering my earlier sighting of another bird at the Sofia airport on my flight in on April 5th this is all the more promising for the return of the species as a breeding bird in Bulgaria!

I thank Pavel and Tatyana for the great time at the lodge , for all the care and dedication they put into their work to give their customers a wonderful time in this wonderful surrounding.

Julien Herremans, Belgium

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